The highest mountain on our planet. Despite modern times it continues to be a great challenge, in recent years it has become the destination of many mountaineers. The north Tibetan side was chosen by the first expeditions for the first attempts of climbing by the English. George Mallory and Andrew Irvine entered the legend by disappearing into the clouds at 8,300 meters, it will never be known whether they climbed to the top or not. The itinerary from the north hill is less dangerous than the normal Nepalese, there is no need to cross the Ice Fall, famous for the fall of the seracs. However, the route requires good preparation for high altitude and excellent physical preparation. Technically it is not difficult, but a decent technique is still necessary, especially in the upper part where the three “steps” they represent the crucial points of the climb. The approach, as for the other eight thousand Tibetans, and’ very simple and uses motorized vehicles (jeeps and trucks) to reach the Chinese camp at about 5,200 meters. The Base Camp is located at about 5,650 meters, a field that is reached in two days of walking on foot with yaks for the transport of the material.
Given the overall shortness of the approach, two days of rest in Nyalam (3,500 m.) With climbs on the nearby mountains for acclimatization are provided to facilitate acclimatization.


Day 1/2 Departure from Italy. Arrival in Kathmandu, meeting with our correspondent and transfer to the hotel.
Day 3/4 Free days in Kathmandu. Final preparations.
Day 5 Transfer to the Nepal-Tibet border in Kodari by bus. Handling of formalities and transfer to Zaghmo (about 10 km.). The part of Kodari road – Zaghmo (officially Chinese, but in fact a kind of no man's land) is made by truck. Meeting with the officer of the “Tibetan Mountaineering Association”. If the timetable allows, transfer to Nyalam by jeep, otherwise overnight in Zaghmo.
Day 6 Short jeep transfer to Nyalam. Accommodation in guesthouse, full board. Free day.
Day 7/8 Acclimatization days in Nyalam with hiking / climbing in the surrounding mountains.
Day 9 Transfer to Tingri. Accommodation in guesthouse, full board.
Day 10 Acclimatization day in Tingri with excursions in the surroundings.
Day 11 Jeep transfer to Everest base camp (6,200 m.). Field arrangement.
Days 12/56 Days dedicated to the ascent of Everest.
Day 57 Trek back to C.B. at 5,200 m.
Day 58 Transfer to Nyalam, hotel accommodation and overnight.
Day 59 Transfer to Zaghmo, formalities and exit from Tibet. Arrival in Kathmandu in the evening, hotel accommodation and overnight.
Day 60 Transfer to the airport and end of services.

  • Shipping takes 60 days
  • Excellent physical condition
  • Difficulty: difficult
  • Groups of 4/6 people
  • Accommodation in hotel, lodge and tent
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The price includes

  • Hotel a Kathmandu 5 notti, Bed and Breakfast
  • Tibet accommodation with full board.
  • Transfers from / to the airports.
  • Kathmandu / Zaghmo / Kathmandu con bus o minibus.
  • Zaghmo / Base Camp / Zaghmo, jeep for climbers, trucks for equipment.
  • 4 yaks per pax for the outward journey, 3 yaks for the return journey.
  • Nepali cook (equipment, pay, food, insurance, transportation).
  • 2 pax tents and mattresses.
  • Food for the entire duration of the shipment.
  • Kitchen equipment, canteen tent, kitchen tent, electric tent, tables, chairs.
  • Fuel (gas).
  • Chinese staff (Liason officer and interpreter).
  • Royalty for the mountain.
  • Ecological tax.
  • Road maintenance fee.
  • Personal insurance for travel assistance, medical expenses and baggage.
  • Sherpa; 1 for every 4 climbers.
  • Oxygen; 2 cylinders in total for 7,300 m climber.
  • Camera Iperbarica (Gamow Bag)
  • Mountain Guide Assistance

The fee does not include

  • International flight
  • Airport fees.
  • Nepalese and Tibetan visas.
  • Possible shipment of material by cargo and related customs and airport costs.
  • Overnight stays and extra transport due to personal reasons.
  • Personal equipment for the climb and food above the Base Camp.
  • Food at the hotel and all the extras in Kathmandu.
  • Transport of extra weight to Base Camp and back.
  • Anything not expressly mentioned in the The price includes

Extra services

High altitude Sherpa staff.
The cost of a high altitude Sherpa for all 8,000 meters. corresponds to 2,400 US $. This fee includes personal equipment, salary, all services at the base camp and expenses for the Puja ceremony. Any tips are at the discretion and full charge of the shipment.

Satellite phone (Thuraya)

The satellite phone that we put in place is a Thuraya, similar to a normal mobile phone. The cost of calls is around 3 US $ per minute:
Upon returning to Italy, the user will be sent a copy of the details of the telephone traffic made by him with an invoice for the relative total amount.

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