E’ a peninsula located in the extreme north-east of Russia. It overlooks the Pacific Ocean between the Okhotsk Sea and the Bering Strait. Two thirds of the population (460,000) lives in the capital Petropavlovsk, famous for its Russian military submarine bases. Kamchatka has an area of ​​472,000 square kilometers equal to Germany and Austria combined. A place with incredible charm; with a mountain range of hundreds of volcanoes, 30 of which are active, reaching 3,500 meters above sea level. surrounded by still wild nature, a paradise for off-piste skiing. An incomparable experience even for mountain professionals. The helicopters are the huge MI 8s with the guarantee and experience of former military pilots. There are endless possibilities for descents “virgins”, the skiable volcanoes are about 8 with gradients up to 2400 meters. and slopes from 25 ° / 50 °. And when you are tired you take off your skis and dive into the numerous hot water geysers.


Flight to Moscow. From Moscow it takes 9 hours of flight, aboard Illyouchine 96 aircraft (modern aircraft of the latest generation), spacious and comfortable. Night in Moscow and Petropavlosk-Kamchatsky flight, where our Russian correspondent will be waiting for us. In 30 minutes by taxi you will reach the base camp and the Petropavlovsk hotel located in the city. After a quick safety course for helicopter landing and helicopter boarding (mandatory), you will be ready to enjoy some of the most beautiful off-piste in the world. Each morning we will decide, together with our pilots, the area that offers the best weather and snow conditions. After a bus transfer from the hotel to the helicopter base, you can fly to the advanced field from where high-altitude flights are carried out (from 15 to 45 minutes). There will be numerous opportunities; great slopes, steep couloirs or gentle and quiet valleys. It is often possible to ski almost to the seashore. At the end of the day there is the opportunity to visit the craters of still active volcanoes or to immerse yourself and relax in the numerous hot water geysers, surrounded by snow slopes. You cannot miss the taste of the famous local smoked salmon, accompanied by a good cold beer, what else, a paradise on the other side of the world.

  • The trip lasts 8 days
  • March to May
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The price includes

  • Accommodation in Hotel **** 7 nights 8 days 1/2 board in double room.
  • Packed lunch during the ski day
  • 8 hours by helicopter (25.0000 meters of altitude difference).
  • All transportation and transfers in Kamchatka
  • Lift pass for ski lifts in bad weather
  • Assistance of the mountain guide, commonly used material.
  • Local guide assistance in Kamchatka.

The fee does not include

  • International flight to / from Italy / Moscow / Petropavlovsk (about € 800)
  • Night in hotel in Moscow onward journey.
  • Airport fees.
  • Visa for Russia (around 80 €).
  • Possible shipment of material by cargo and related customs and airport costs.
  • Overnight stays and extra transport due to personal reasons.
  • Single room € 380 approx
  • Personal equipment for skiing.
  • Medical expenses, repatriation or lost luggage.
  • Travel cancellation insurance costs.
  • Charges for tips, drinks, and dinners.
  • Extra excursions not included in the program.
  • Extra helicopter flights: € 2100 / hour of flight.
  • Possible rental of and sticks on site.
  • Anything not expressly mentioned in “Services included”

N.B. Arrival for the return journey is expected on the same day of departure (additional night in Moscow)


Avachinsky volcano

  • Flight time 20 minutes.
  • Altitude 2741 meters
  • Difference in altitude 1700 meters
  • Off-piste length 5-7 Kilometers
  • Slope 25 ° / 35 °

Vulcano Zhupanovsky

  • Flight transfer time 40 minutes.
  • Avachinsky flight to the volcano 20 minutes
  • Altitude 2958 meters
  • Difference in altitude 1900 meters
  • Off-piste length 5-8 Kilometers
  • Slope 25 ° / 35 °

Vulcano Mutnovsky

  • Flight transfer time 25 minutes.
  • Flight to Viluchinsky volcano 7 minutes
  • Altitude 2323 meters
  • Difference in altitude 1700 meters
  • Off-piste length 5 Kilometers
  • Slope 25 ° / 35 °

Viluchisky volcano

  • Flight transfer time 20 minutes.
  • Altitude 2173 meters
  • Difference in altitude 1600 meters
  • Off-piste length 5 Kilometers
  • Slope 25 ° / 40 °

Opala volcano

  • Flight transfer time 35 minutes.
  • Time from Avachinsky 20 minutes
  • Altitude 2460 meters
  • Difference in altitude 1400 meters
  • Off-piste length 5-8 Kilometers
  • Slope 25 ° / 35 °

Vulcano Khodutka

  • Transfer flight time 45 minutes.
  • Flight from Opala volcano 20 minutes
  • Altitude 2460 meters
  • Difference in altitude 1000 meters
  • Off-piste length 4 Kilometers
  • Slope 25 ° / 35 °

Vulcano Bakening

  • Flight time 30 minutes.
  • Altitude 2277 meters
  • Difference in altitude 1200 meters
  • Off-piste length 4 Kilometers
  • Slope 25 ° / 35 °

Vulcano Koryaksky

  • Flight time 20 minutes.
  • Altitude 3456 meters
  • Difference in altitude 2400 meters
  • Off-piste length 7 Kilometers
  • Slope 25 ° / 45 °


No special skills are required for this program. IS’ however, a good physical condition and good technique in off-piste fresh snow are required. You need to know how to ski on any type of snow and be in control of the skis at any time.



Because of the impossibility of flying; bad weather or helicopter failure, time not flown, will NOT be refunded. Flight hours are not reimbursed for illness, poor physical preparation, insufficient technical ability on skis / snowboards or for other unforeseen reasons.

Responsibility of the organization:

  • All decisions on helicopter flights and descents are made by the staff (Guide-Pilots) and are based on safety; Weather forecast, snow conditions and avalanche risk.
  • The organization reserves the right to limit or interrupt the activity for obvious objective dangers.
  • The guides can also order the limitation of the descents to those who do not have sufficient technical ability on the equipment (skis / snowboard) at any time.
  • Those who join the program must sign a form for acceptance of the conditions and must comply with all the provisions made by the heli-skiing staff.
  • Please note that activities in the high mountains and in remote areas always present a certain percentage of risks and that it is not possible to foresee and completely eliminate these dangers despite the preparation, experience and professionalism of the Alpine Guide.
  • The top priority for the mountain guide is to minimize the risks and keep you entertained safely.
  • All helicopter flights are taken at your own risk.
  • Insurance for helicopter flights is not included in the program.
  • The organization is not liable for any accidents resulting from falls with skis and snwboards.
  • Before confirming the booking, you will be required to fill out a form for the acceptance of the conditions and for the discharge of responsibility for the organization.


  • Complete ski (skis, boots, poles, ece, etc.). N.B. Arva, shovel, probe will be provided by the guide.
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